PEARL FLUX-BOOST Pressure Boosting Pump System


Flux-Boost water pump boosting systemAchieve stronger water pressure in residential irrigation systems and in the home with the Pearl FLUX-BOOST pressure boosting pump system. When city water or well water pressure leaves much to be desired, contractors and water system installers can count on FLUX-BOOST to help address the problem.

–  No pressure tank required

–  Easy to install

–  Reduced dimensions

–  Additional water pressure

–  Low maintenance needs

–  Pump protection against running dry

Traditional Water Pressure Boosting Systems Alternative

FLUX-BOOST offers an appealing new solution for irrigation contractors and water system installers looking to boost water pressure without the use of traditional switch/tank systems. Without a pressure tank, FLUX-BOOST is able to take up less room and require less maintenance. It also features the FLUX Boosting System, which continuously monitors the flow rate and protects the water pump against running dry. If you are tired of installing and maintaining traditional tank/switch systems, experience the advantages of FLUX-BOOST for yourself! Once you have experienced the benefits of FLUX-BOOST, you will wonder how your lawn irrigation system ever worked without it.

Water Pressure When It’s Needed Most

This powerful water pressure-boosting pump increases water pressure as required by the installation. This allows FLUX-BOOST to deliver the proper operating pressure that irrigation systems need to water efficiently. FLUX-BOOST has many benefits when it comes to home installations as well; even when multiple fixtures in the home are using water, FLUX-BOOST ensures they will have enough water pressure. This makes FLUX-BOOST a great option for residential water systems intended for large households or multiple fixtures.

Small Footprint

Measuring just 15 inches across, the FLUX-BOOST consists of a water pump and an electronic pump controller. That means the FLUX Boosting System is able to deliver reliable high water pressure with no pressure tank, no pressure switch, and no float switch. It is easy to save space, time, and money with the compact FLUX-BOOST  water system!

Continuous Water Pump Operation

FLUX-BOOST’s special valve helps guarantee continuous booster pump operation. The FLUX Boosting System continuously monitors the flow rate, and when water demand exceeds the minimum starting flow, the pump starts running and keeps running even when you are not using water. Thanks to this feature, you get high-pressure water on demand, no matter what!

Low Friction Loss

High water usage households and irrigation systems can rely on FLUX-BOOST to deliver consistent water pressure thanks to its low friction loss.  Friction loss occurs as water flows through pipes and encounters resistance that lowers water pressure. This water-boosting pump counters the problem by boosting water pressure up to 70 psi higher. FLUX-BOOST can be used in applications that require flows as high as 50 gpm.

Easy Pressure Boosting Pump Installation

With no need to install pressure tanks, the installation process of the FLUX-BOOST is remarkably easy. The booster pump is also designed with deduced dimensions and a streamlined design that makes it simple to install. You can install FLUX-BOOST quickly in the home or in an irrigation system and get through more installation jobs in less time.

Boosting Pump Protection

With the FLUX Boosting System continuously monitoring water flow, you won’t have to worry about the pump encountering dangerous conditions. The system protects the water pump from running dry and includes an automatic reset failsafe feature. Clients can rest easy knowing that the pump is protected no matter what.

Smart Power Consumption

FLUX-BOOST features power-saving smart features that can help reduce energy consumption. When demand falls below 0.5gal/min, FLUX-BOOST stops the pump to conserve energy. In the event of a leak somewhere in the plumbing system, FLUX-BOOST will keep the pump turned off to avoid consuming power for no reason.

Low Maintenance Boosting Pump System

FLUX-BOOST is a “set it and forget it” pressure boosting pump that has low maintenance requirements. Clients won’t have to make time to schedule annual maintenance for the pump, giving you one less thing to balance in your busy day. In the event that problems occur, FLUX-BOOST’s circuit board is readily available and easy for contractors to replace.

Boost Your Water Pressure With Flux-Boost

The Pearl FLUX-BOOST pressure boosting pump offers a time-saving, space-saving and economical alternative to traditional tank/switch systems. Contractors and installers can increase water pressure in the home or in irrigation systems with this powerful booster pump for high water pressure on demand. Say goodbye to lackluster water pressure and hello to the power of FLUX-BOOST!

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