Pump Stations

We design and build intelligent boosting systems for the most demanding applications, 100% tailored to your specific needs and project requirements. All the pieces on every pump station are carefully engineered to provide the best performance and durability. Each station is tested to make sure that the product exceeds the customer’s expectations.

The use of these products comes with the following advantages:

  • Less HP than traditional systems to reach the required performance.
  • High-performance pumps to guarantee the best level of operation.
  • Possibility to upgrade to increase flow and/or pressure.

PEARL pump stations are reliable and efficient, providing consistent, long-lasting performance.


  • Industrial and General manufacturing
  • Commercial Building Services
  • Condominiums and Apartments
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Hotels, Inns, and Resorts
  • Sports Facilities
  • Main Water Systems
  • Rural Water
  • Data Centers
  • HVAC Systems
  • Irrigation
  • Rural Boosting Stations

Here are some examples of our custom-made Pump Stations:

Pump Station with Two Vertical Pumps

Pump Station 3

Pump Station with Three Vertical Pumps

Pump Station

Self-Priming Double Pump Station

Pump Station


Pump Stations