How To Change Voltage of a Water Pump?

In this video, you will see the step-by-step guide about how to change the voltage of a 1 Phase PEARL Water Pump.

For 1 Phase Without Overload Protector

0:21 Remove Cover

0:32 Identify current-voltage (jumpers position)

0:40 Loosen and remove nuts

1:21 Remove and place jumpers in the new position (Desired New Voltage) Consult your pump operating manual for the right positions depending on the desired voltage.

1:34 Reinstall nuts and tighten

1:45 Reinstall cover back in place

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Please remember before manipulating an electric water system to:

– Always read the manufacturer’s product manual

All electrical connections and checks must be done by a certified electrician and comply with applicable local standard

– Danger: electric shock risk.

When Installing or adjusting an electrical system make sure that all plugs and cables are disconnected from the power outlet.

– Installation of electrical water systems should be done by certified professionals

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