PD BOX – Pump Station with Enclosure Cabinet

PD BOX is our new pump system designed for outdoor installations. All details on this pump station have been designed for all users’ needs.
Extraordinary performance, quiet operation, and attention to detail makes PD BOX a state-of-the-art solution.

It comes with a strong and compact external enclosure and is double powder coated for weather resistance which is perfect for tough, outdoor conditions.





  • Front door allows access to electrical equipment and components.
  • Back door access with a wide opening to the pump and piping, for easy maintenance.
  • Cooling fan insures to manage temperature inside the enclosure.
  • Reinforced pump base that is mounted on rails, allows strength and flexibility to the assembly process.
  • Drain holes in the floor.
  • Knockouts for conduit installation and electrical service.


High efficiency pumps:

End suction flanged, cast iron centrifugal pumps:

  • Every PD BOX includes the most efficient pump according to the performance needed.
  • Motor specially designed to work at high temperatures.
  • Single pump operation for specific performance.
  • Pump flanged for easy maintenance operations.


Our pump stations are controlled by the most evolved technology in VFD Systems:

  • LCD screen for setting up desired parameters.
  • User friendly interface to monitor and change parameters as needed.
  • BLUETOOTH TECHNOLOGY for remote access to the VFD for start up, maintenance or troubleshooting from an outside location.
  • Safety disconnect switch, control box.
  • Lightning surge protection on request.
  • All pump stations available for 1 PH-230V, 3PH-230V, 3 PH-460V Power Suppl


  • Suction and discharge manifolds manufactured in stainless steel AISI 304.
  • Suction side 3” threaded connection, ¼” connection for
    pressure gauge (Standard) or any other control needed.
  • Discharge manifold 2” threaded connection, stainless steel 2 “ ball valve, with female threaded 1/4 port for pressure gauges and any other control needed.
  • 2” port for easy priming.


Recommendend Operating Conditions

Curves 80G60P

Curves 120G60P

Curves 150G60P

Weight and Dimensions