Testing Pressure Gauge – Pump Accessories

High quality pressure gauges built with the best materials and assembled following the most accurate procedures to guarantee the best measurement device.

The internal components made in bronze for better resistance and precision, are enclosed in a metal casing that assure the customer satisfaction.

This pressure gauge option will become the best tool for the contractor who needs to measure the pressure on site. As simple as connect our testing gauge to the garden hose connection and open the tap, the Pressure gauge will measure the pressure.

Pressure Gauge Dry

Model: Testing Pressure Gauge
Type: Dry with pointer
Pressure range: 0 – 160 PSI

Pressure Gauge Dry

  • Steel Casing
  • ¾” Female hose connection
  • 2” dial
  • Plastic lens
  • Available in pressure range 0-160 psi
  • To be used with air or water
  • Include pressure pointer