Pro Press – Water Pump Controller

It replaces the traditional expansion tank system, protecting the pump in the case of a water shortage. Far more compact than traditional systems, it is totally reliable, resistant, and easy to install.

  • Replaces the traditional expansion tank system.
  • Starts and stops the pump in accordance with the opening and closing of the taps
  • Maintains constant pressure during delivery
  • Stops the pump in the case of water shortage, protecting it from dry running
  • Reduces the effects of water hammering
  • Maintenance-free.

PRO PRESS electronic pump controller monitors water pressure and flow rate that runs through it and protects the pump against dangerous working conditions like dry running.
When a tap is opened, PRO PRESS  starts the pump and keeps it running, delivering constant flow.  PRO PRESS  stops the pump when the demand is near zero.


  • PRO PRESS is an electronic pump controller design for water pumps which pull water out from underground tanks, ponds or lakes to be used for:
    • Residential boosting systems.
    • Irrigation


    • Body, check valve, rear part and safety valve are molded in 30% fiberglass reinforced polyamide 6 (PA6GF30). This allows high resistance to wear and pressure.
    • The diaphragm is molded in EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) to guarantee  exceptional reliability and durability
    • The flow valve, pressure gauge rod and the diffuser are in brass (OT58).
    • The dimensional stability of the metal guarantees the operation of the components.
    • The spring is made in UNI 3823 steel wire.
    • The stabilization process guarantees the operation of the pressure switch, essential for the pump start-up precision and the plant pressure adjustment. The dimensions and structure of the same allow for considerably reducing the effects of water hammering.
    • The box containing the electrical part is molded in shockproof self-extinguishing polystyrene (PSau).
    • The boards are subjected to burn-in treatment at 122F (50 °C) for 24 hours with on/off cycles guaranteeing perfect operation in limit conditions and each individually tested
    • Protection degree IP65,  which means that the electronic board is completely dust-proof and protected against water arriving from any direction