MVB-O Motor for Vertical Water Pumps

Baldor Reliance Super-E Open Drip Proof (ODP) motors meet or exceed NEMA Premium efficiency in your choice of steel-band or cast iron frame, ideal for general purpose industrial applications.

Air circulates freely through the motor for cooling.
These motors are available from stock in single or three phase, rigid base, C-face or close-coupled pump mountings.
The ODP enclosure allows air to pass freely through the motor for excellent heat transfer out of the windings.
Class F insulation, a 1.15 Service Factor and Exxon Polyrex
EM grease are some of these motors’ standard features.
Super-E motors have an insulation system that meets the requirements of NEMA MG1 Part for VFD use and are considered Inverter Ready.
Baldor Reliance Super-E ODP (Open Drip Proof) motors meet or exceed NEMA Premium Efficiency for applications where an open motor may be used. The “drip proof” construction provides some protection from the environment, but is best for relatively clean, weather-protected applications.




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