How to Winterize Your Pump to Protect It From the Cold

Winterize your Water Pump

Winterize your Water PumpWinterizing a water pump is necessary to protect it from freezing in cold weather and prevent damage to your water systems, pump, and property. Here, we’ll summarize a few of the most frequently asked questions about protecting water pumps from freezing temperatures.

Do all water pumps need to be winterized?

This question mainly depends on the type of pump that you are using. Hence, a water system for irrigation using a submersible pump may not need the same winterization level as an above-ground pump.

Water pumps that operate deep underwater do not need to be winterized like a surface pump since water does not freeze below a certain depth.

On the other hand, shallow or surface water pumps need to be winterized or removed during cold weather months. Irrigation pumps, jet pumps, and pool pumps will need treatment. Don’t let them freeze in any circumstance; they all need to be drained and stored indoors in a place that will not freeze.

In which regions should you winterize your water pump?

If you live in an area with cold weather, draining your water pump and storing it in a freeze-safe place is essential. At the same time, it only takes one cold night in a not-so-cold place like Texas or North Florida for your pump to freeze.

Steps for Winterizing a Water Pump

Preventively winterizing your water pumps can reduce problems in the spring when you need to use your pump again.

  • If possible, all above-ground pumps that are susceptible to freeze damage should be removed.
  • Always be sure to drain all water from your pumps and any pipes connected to them.
  • Submersible pumps that are in water that will freeze must be removed and stored inside. If that is not an option, ensure that your pump is at a depth where the water will not freeze.
  • Disconnect the power source to keep the pump from running dry.
  • If the easy pump systems are used to boost house pressure, make sure the sprinkler system’s valves are shut off.

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